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For the shippers who have deadlines to meet for deliveries and need efficient and reliable transportation services to cover the distance within the Canada and across U.S-Canada border, WestSkyLines's long combination vehicles (LCV) deliveries will certainly serve to be the apt solution.


If your freight movement requirements are province specific and you need a transportation partner who have the knowledge about the areas in which they serve in so that your shipment reaches the destination in time, then you can benefit from our intra-provincial service. With presence across British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba, our team of local drivers and customer service representatives will serve you the best.

Dry Van

Dry Van services are beneficial and cost-effective for the businesses who require their products to be shipped with proper safety but are not dependent on the temperature-controlled consignment services. So, if your products include dry consumables, handy tools, clothing, auto parts, small machinery, or paper products, then this we have the perfect transportation solution for you.


The heated services by WestSkyLines are designed for the businesses who deal in products like packages food items, beverages, and other consumables, which need to be stored at a particular temperaturein order to retain the quality. Our customer service representatives are always available to facilitate your communication with the internal departments so that you can be assured about the quality of our services.


If your consignment contains the products that require temperature-controlled environment, then WestSkyLines has a fleet of refrigerated trailers to help you with your transportation requirements. Our customized designed refrigerated trailers facilitate the shippers to set up one, two, or three temperatures within the same trailer, thus making it more efficient. Our services include: • Refrigerated multi-temperature set-up (ambient, frozen and protect-from-freeze) • Trailer satellite tracking that enables remote setting • Monitoring of temperatures, location, and security • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) clearance procedures trained drivers Also, we design a supply chain strategy for your frozen commodities that complies with The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations to ensure that your products can be shipped without any hurdles.


The large fleet of drivers at WestSkyLines work round the clock between major cities of Canada to ensure that your shipment reaches the destination as per the schedule. Our priority service includes the contingency plans and staff on standby to offer whenever and wherever your shipment requires it.


If you own a business such as grocery store chains, large distribution centres, or home improvement retailers, that requires you to ship the products between the cities in Canada regularly, or multiple times in a day, then our dedicated services would ensure that you have a fleet of equipment and drivers working for you round the clock without any additional capital investment required.


WestSkyLines is Hazmat certified by industry regulators in Canada and the U.S. along with all its drivers to ensure that all your sensitive freights are transported in a secured environment. Also, in addition to being a SmartWay transport partner, our certifications include Partners in Protection (PIP), Free and Secure Trade (FAST), Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

If your freight quantity is less than 10,000 lb. or 24 pallets, then also you do not need to worry. WestSkyLines offers pick-up and drop services between Eastern and Western Canada. We also provide warehousing services, which include just-in time requests for shipment and real-time tracking of the fright using i-Tools.